Our Mission

Is to become the backbone to all Cultural entertainment events in NC, then the East coast. Our goal is to provide our attendees with a platform to showcase there talents, skills and businesses in an environment that wasn’t there for them in their current art & entertainment community. We strive for are affiliates and participants to experience and learn from there surrounding cultures, in a effort to bridge the Gap between Generations and all cultural groups. The Cultura Fest and, coming in 2020, The Cultura Community Conference is not just a entertainment event but a tool for you to connect, enjoy and empower with the lives, cultures, and opportunities around. Hopefully we all experience more and gain growth in the process.

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Aubrey Ways

to right: Chloe Barret (Fashion Coordinator)

to right: Chloe Barret (Fashion Coordinator)





The Mill Entertaiment Complex is the amazing selected location that was decided on for the first annual Cultura Fest. Elm has no other area that will provide the freedom, creative vibes, and open space al while accommodating the needs of an event of almost any kinda


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